Hello! I am Kasey Massie-Yeagle and I am the COO of NEST.  Over my many years here, I have served in nearly every role within our practice.  That history has served me well in understanding the complexities of the markets and financial services, and the various roles that need to work in seamless step to create the ideal, most effective experience.  Everyone at NEST is deeply committed to NEST defining and exemplifying the ideal client experience now and in the future, and it is my honor to design and continuously improve the operational chassis on which that experience is delivered. 

While the industry and roles within continue to evolve on nearly a daily basis, we have learned to embrace change and establish methodologies for staying ahead of the curve…and ahead of the majority of our peers.  We are dedicated architects to building a practice that is best-of-class today, while being forward-thinking and flexible enough to tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities that come in the future.

My primary responsibility is the safe-guarding of our clients and our team.  We want to be your and your loved-ones’ forever firm.  That is not possible without fierce dedication to protecting all parties involved.  My team has incredibly high standards for how we keep client data and assets safe from ‘ne’er do wells’.  We train, educate, establish policy and set up safety nets so that our associates can take care of client needs as efficiently as possible, while negating human error and system weaknesses. 

My team and I also work to streamline compliance, client outreach, marketing, and human resources.  Our goal is to minimize any friction within our team and our affiliates’ days so that the maximum amount of collective energy goes into elevating client experience.  There is a popular analogy about how a duck’s legs are moving furiously below the water line to create the beautiful effect of what appears to be an incredibly effortless and graceful glide across the water.  I invite you to think of my team as your duck legs J--we are working hard behind the scenes to create an environment where continuous progress and success seem virtually inevitable.

Welcome to our NEST. You will be well cared for!


DISCLOSURE:  Investment Products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC (WFAFN), Member SIPC.  Katterhenry Investment Group of Nest Capital is a separate entity from WFAFN.   CAR-0123-00437

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