Hi, I'm Leslie, a senior client service advocate and the lead for our amazingly talented team of CSAs. We purposely gave the folks on my team the title of client service advocate because that is exactly how we want the team's mindset to be.
Our first core commitment is this: The best interests of our clients come first every single time. We want that mindset to permeate throughout the whole of our organization and every single client interaction. That means having a live person answer our phone during all market hours by the second ring. That means we strive for same day callbacks and 48-hour resolutions for client service names. That means we offer a consistent stream of client education, client outreach and value-added services such as quarterbacking the client's best interests with planning collaboration with their tax and estate planning advisors. That means we continue to evolve and advance through our core values of growth mindset, teamwork, and enjoyment.
It's not just the advisors at Katterhenry Investment Group of Nest Capital
that have continued education and training. Our client service advocates have weekly collaboration meetings as well as one on one mentoring and reverse mentoring. We provide monthly lunch and learns to make sure every member of our team can act on a client's behalf at a high level.
Our receptionists, CSAs and compliance team all play a vital role in helping protect clients from scams, phishing, identity theft, elder abuse and other types of personal and financial vulnerabilities. 
Our entire team is relentlessly trained on active listening and client advocacy so that every client, no matter how simple or benign it may seem, is treated as a window to the client's holistic situation, needs, concerns and path forward.
Sometimes a conversation as a cautionary tale. Sometimes it turns into us providing a solution to a client's financial goals. And sometimes it is simply an opportunity for us to provide a word of comfort, to deliver soup to a sick client’s door, or to send flowers to a widow on her first Valentine's Day alone.
In any case, I pledge that we will elevate your experience as a client.
Welcome to our nest.

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