Katterhenry Investment Group was founded in 1989 by my father, Kevin, who was determined that geography not get in the way of great investment advice and planning. The goal was to bring Wall Street home to our client’s kitchen table, and most of those tables were in rural Ohio.

Make no mistake, rural Ohio is chock full of hard working, savvy, successful entrepreneurs. And we felt that was not productive for them to leave their businesses dressed in a suit, drive an hour or two to some high rise, and be inundated with a bunch of aggressive stockbrokers.

So instead we went to their conference rooms or kitchen tables and working together, continued to evolve in the sophisticated planning space.

And our mission statement became what it is today: To enhance financial prosperity and ease the burden of wealth management with the ultimate goal of increasing quality of life.

These entrepreneurs inspired Eric and I to take Katterhenry Investment Group to the independent space in 2004 giving us autonomy over our clients, accessibility to the best investment solutions, planning tools, and the highest level of advice. We are fierce in our commitments at Katterhenry Investment Group clients’ best interests come first every single time.

Our financial advisors remain at the forefront of the industry in terms of resources, education, certifications and registrations. Every KIG of Nest employee is resourceful, efficient, has a positive attitude and aims to exceed client expectations. Client experience is paramount. Our service model is unparalleled, and our greatest investment is found through our relationships. Our commitment to excellence has propelled us and our practice nationwide with clients now in 47 out of 50 states. Airplanes and Zoom, they've all but eliminated geographical restrictions. 

And as a team, we've been recognized industry wide by clients, peers, leadership.

We decided to launch Nest Capital in 2022. Nest Capital allows other best investment professionals to maintain independence while banding together to streamline operations, collaborate and bring advise, planning and service to even higher heights.

Nest Capital is the vehicle for the brightest minds in the industry to work together to solve the most complicated financial needs on either side of balance sheet. We're thrilled and proud to be the conduit between our clients and the best brains in the business.


Welcome to Nest.

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